How the HRV Baseline Works

At the beginning of your journey with Elite HRV, the app is establishing your baseline. 

It will give you an estimate after 2 days - after understanding your average HRV values and how much they fluctuate (standard deviation and coefficient of variation). The app will continue to build your baseline for about 2 weeks - during this time, the Readiness Score may not match how you are feeling as the app is getting to know your normal HRV range and fluctuations. 

After this, the app compares each Morning Readiness reading to the established baseline to determine how far out of balance you are as compared to your own individual patterns.

Ideally, you’ll form your baseline during a “normal stress” week. Exercise, work, etc. is fine during your baseline, but you don’t want to establish it during an abnormally stressful or high volume training week if possible. 

The good thing is, the baseline constantly adjusts and updates itself over time, so as your health or fitness levels change, it will learn what your new baseline patterns are. This happens on a rolling 10-day basis.

If you are looking at your Historical HRV compared to your HRV baseline, note that the historical average will contain your HRV average for the time you have been taking readings, and not just the latest baseline average window. 

We highly encourage the use of tags to make sense of your daily HRV changes. Sleep, exercise, and other types of stress can cause fluctuations in your HRV, and using tags to keep track of these events will help you make sense of your daily scores!

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