App is Not Working Properly

Always check first to see if you are on the latest app version: What Version of Elite HRV Do I Have?

If you are an Apple user and the Elite HRV app is unresponsive, you may be experiencing an issue that we have discovered with Apple Health/Elite HRV that is affecting some users. We are still working on isolating the issue but do have a work-around that will get the app working for you again. 

1.  Please go into the Apple Health app and remove the integration with EHRV.

2. Once the above is done, please shut off your phone for several minutes before restarting again. 

3. Open the EHRV app and take a one-minute snapshot and verify that it no longer freezes and you can connect to the app.  

4. You should be able to re-connect Apple Health with no issues if you wish to. 

If you still find the app is freezing or displaying some other odd behavior, we recommend this sequence of troubleshooting steps:

1. Unpair your sensor from the Elite HRV app (swipe left on the sensor in the "Devices" screen and hit "delete")
2. Sign out of the Elite HRV app - please make note of the email address you used to sign in originally
3. Uninstall the app
4. Kill any live applications running in the background
5. Shut off phone (leave it off for a few minutes)
6. Turn phone back on
7. Reinstall Elite HRV app
8. Sign back into the app using the same email address as before
9. Re-pair the sensor

This should get the app working normally again.

If not, you can also clear the app cache. Clear EHRV App Cache

Additional steps you can try:

1. Please open the app up and pull it down on the home screen to refresh it.

2. If that doesn't work, tap on another feature i.e. Biofeedback at the bottom and see if this will refresh it.

3. Finally, please shut off your cellular data and Wi-Fi and put your plane in airplane mode. Refresh the screen and see if the screen is then responsive to touch.

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