Basic Connection Troubleshooting

Important: Troubleshooting the CorSense Finger Sensor? Use this guide instead:

CorSense Won't Connect to App

Additionally, for Polar H10-specific steps, see this article: Polar H10 Connection Issues

Is your heart rate monitor compatible?

There are only 2 requirements to be able to use heart rate monitor with Elite HRV:

  1. Accurate R-R intervals. Many heart rate devices are not designed for accurate Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measurements and do not transmit accurate R-R intervals. Learn more:
  2. Bluetooth 4.0 or newer, or ANT+ with select phones. The heart rate monitor must transmit R-R intervals directly to the Elite HRV mobile app via Bluetooth or ANT+.
    • Important Note: ANT+ only works with select phones. For a list of phones that have ANT+, see the ANT+ Directory here (link).

That's all! If your monitor transmits accurate R-Rs via Bluetooth 4.0 directly to the Elite HRV app, it is compatible!

Please note that at the time of this writing, phones that offer heart rate and HRV readings directly from the phone monitor or camera will not work for HRV readings with the Elite HRV app. They will still work as the mobile device, just not the heart rate monitor. 

Basic Troubleshooting

If your heart rate monitor fits the above criteria, but you still can't get it working, the following tips resolve 99% of connection issues. Please read carefully, do not skip steps, and stop troubleshooting when your monitor starts working.

Initial Steps:

  1. Ensure you are on the latest version of Elite HRV by visiting the App Store or Play Store
  2. Ensure the chest strap is moistened with strap gel or water
  3. Ensure the chest strap is tight but comfortable around the chest; you must be wearing the strap to connect
    • Pro tip: Remove any slack from the strap by gently pressing the sensor against your chest with two fingers and gently moving it side to side
  4. IMPORTANT. Do not skip this step:
    • Ensure the strap is not connected to any other apps or devices like watches, equipment or other phones or tablets. See this article for more information.
  5. Remove the device from the "saved devices" list on the app, then try to reconnect. You can also turn your phone's Bluetooth off and back on while the device is removed from the Elite HRV app and THEN try to reconnect. 

  1. (iPhone/iPad) Allow Bluetooth Sharing – Go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing, and make sure that Elite HRV isn’t disabled (it may not be listed at all, which is fine)
  2. (Android only) Location permission may need to be turned on for Bluetooth to work with our app (we'll only use location for this purpose):

If these steps did not work, please try our advanced troubleshooting steps here (link), or contact our support team at 

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