Some or All of my HRV Data is Missing

Note that any data older than 1 year will not show up in your mobile app. Data older than 1 year is only accessible on the Personal Pro web dashboard at this time. If you would like to access your old data, you can sign up for a Personal Pro account and view it via the web dashboard.

However, you can still export the old raw data from within the app if you want to calculate the HRV values outside of Elite HRV; you just won't have your score if you go that route.

Data Older Than 1 Year

Otherwise, this may be a syncing issue. This can be resolved by following these steps:

  1. Pull down on the app home screen, and let go. You will see the app refresh. If that does not work,
  2. Log out of the Elite HRV app, noting the email address you used to log in. Make sure you use the same email address to log back in. Once logged in, let the app sit open for about 2 minutes so the readings can start saving to the database. If the internet connection is not strong, please allow the app to sit open for 5 or 6 minutes. You may need to change your phone settings so your screen does not fall asleep during this process.
  3. More on syncing here: Tips for Syncing Readings

If you have done the syncing steps and you are still missing data, please ensure you are using the same log in method as you did originally when you created the account. i.e. sometimes you'll log in with email but then when you log in the next time you connect with Facebook or Google. This may create a duplicate account for you. If you suspect you may have duplicate accounts, please reach out to us at, listing all possible email addresses (if Facebook, Google, or Apple logins were used, it will be the email address associated with those accounts) and specifying which email address you'd like to use going forward. If we can find your data connected to those other email addresses, we can merge it onto your preferred login account.

For more help with the login email, see this article: Forgot Login Email or Account Information

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